Friday, September 22, 2017

When Chaos Comes Together

I was having a discussion with some friends the other day about life and jobs and general craziness, and found myself saying that while I am sometimes overwhelmed and really, REALLY tired . . . I truly love what I do.  As in, if I could change anything - do anything  -- I think I'd stay right here. 

What.  A.  Gift. 

How lucky am I that even though things might be chaotic . . . there is beauty and grace in that chaos.

Which brings me to today's gallery.  My beginning photographers are learning about different Photoshop tools and applications, so we work on a project called "Transformations".  They can experiment with adjustments and filters to create a grid of image effects that also come together . . . in beautiful chaos. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Challenge Accepted

Another Year.  Another AMAZING group of student photographers.

At the end of each school term, I find myself a bit melancholy at losing what must be the absolutely best and talented group of students that could exist at Cole.  And then about two weeks into the next school year, I realize that the talent pool is deeper than I ever imagined.

This year is no exception.  My returning students have taken their work to an even higher level . . . and my new students continue to impress me with creativity and vision.

In an effort to push kids out of their comfort zones and better prepare them for assignments and contests, I have decided to implement weekly challenges this year:  A one word theme and a week to create the most creative and technically correct response to the theme.

Here are the top three from the first two challenges: