Friday, December 12, 2014

Making Magic

Don't you just love it, when life sneaks up on you and showers you with beauty.

The last two weeks, my Photo 2 class has been working on image composites in Photoshop.  My goals for them involved using layers, masking, blending modes, selections tools .  .  . generally speaking making ART - not a sticker book.

Oh, how my expectations were exceeded!!

These students were artists.  Visual story-tellers.  Dream makers.  Editorialists.

Simply put, these students were - these students ARE - amazing!

Enjoy! (And click on their links to the side to see and hear their story unfold.)

Anthony Fuentes

Nette Barnes

Hunter Duplessis

Hannah Wafford

Izayah Thomas

Joe Watson

Jordyn Oilar

Lily David

Miamore Bonilla

Niomi Perez

Patrick Moloney

Terra Cross
Tina Owens