Sunday, October 26, 2014

Food for Your Thought

On Monday, our photographers faced a new challenge:  

The Recipie for Success:
It's complicated

Faced with an ingredient list that included everything from pomegranates to  Perrier, students were challenged to set up an advertising or still-life shoot using 2 or 3 light studio lighting diagrams.  Their  advertising images needed to create a mood and send a message, and their still-lifes were intended to make you come back for seconds.  I think they did just that!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

When It All Comes Together

My favorite field trip every year is also the one that threatens to send me into a panic-induced tail-spin.  Organizing a field trip for 50+ students, 5 professional photographers, 6 models and locations all over downtown San Antonio in the second month of school can only be described as crazy  INCREDIBLE!  This is the day when it all comes together.  When each little piece of the puzzle that I've been introducing for 7 weeks falls into place.  This is the day that magic happens.

And it happens because of my village.  There is no possible way that this could be successful without the help of five amazing photographers who give of their time, talent, and equipment to inspire my up-and-comers.  Siggi Ragner, Stuart Seeger, Angela Bartels, Brandi Sutherland, and Roland Rios -- thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You elevate the caliber of this experience to new heights!  But the photographers aren't the only elements of this magic.  Our volunteer models give the students a taste of what it's like to orchestrate a professional photoshoot, and they did an amazing job!  Our adult fashion models, Courtney L, Courtney, and Jered M. provided lots of great environmental looks while our youth sports models, Caitlin M, and Chase and Rylie M, brought their flexibility and game faces for sports and advertising looks.  

My students are still working on these images, but here's a taste of San Antonio from last week: