Tuesday, September 30, 2014


One of my favorite days in photography each year is when we introduce studio lighting using student models . . . and Perseus.  Perseus is our family's 4 foot long corn snake who truly missed his calling in public relations.  He eats up (not literally, I promise!) the limelight and makes a handsome leading man.  It certainly doesn't hurt that I have some absolutely gorgeous students who are not only beautiful but brave -- and did an awesome job for us.  Take a look at some of the great work that came out of this introductory lesson.

Alec Oilar

Makenna Clark

Makenna Clark

Hunter Duplessis

Samantha Ekberg

Aliyah Jones

Delaney LaBrutta

Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

Lena Gomez

Madeleine Detwiler

Tyler Mamere

Faelany Melendez

Miamore Bonilla

Alyssia Montoya

Maddie Steigleman

Tina Owens

Alex Vincent

Alex Vincent

Kierra Waites

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Last week my beginning photo classes were introduced to Photoshop with a fun project that allowed them to experiment with transforming image sizes, work with layers, and apply filters and adjustments.  The results are always gorgeous!

Kevin Crouch

Artivia Thorne
Erin Sanders
Faelany Melendez
Jasmyne Rupar
Madeleine Detwiler
Matthew Craig
Madeline Steigleman

Katie Keenan
Emily Mazak 
Ra Hetep
Aliyah Jones
Bryan McWalter 
Katherine Bemis