Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's a Beautiful World


So I may be drowning in yearbook proofs, staring cross-eyed at photo edits,  and serving cereal for dinner - but today.  Today.  Today, I remembered why I do what I do.  Why I love to look at the world through a 50 mm, f8.  Or an 85 mm, f 2.8.  Why a mirror, and directional lighting, and a focus ring can make the ordinary appear extraordinary; the the mundane, magical.

Today I picked up my camera for myself.  And I remembered why I want to pass on this excitement, and power,  and wonder to another generation.   As our class spent the day photographing architecture and landscape on Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston, I took on the challenge myself.  Inspired by a beautiful HDR image one of my students created this fall, I shot the entire day with 5 frame brackets and ran everything through Photomatix.  With each bold,vibrant image, the stress of deadlines and work-loads felt a little further away.

Because, I remembered where it all started.  When photography was not a job, but a work - of he(art).