Thursday, October 24, 2013

Picture Perfect: My "Kids" working with My Kids

As a part of our environmental portrait work, I brought my kids, Chase and Rylie, to model for  my photography and yearbook "kids" down at the Pearl.

While Chase and Ry are used to be being thrown in front of the camera, this was a new experience for my students -- but you would never have guessed!  They did a fabulous job, and my kids loved posing for them a whole lot more than they like posing for me.

I am beyond blessed.  I really am.

by Anthony Fuentes

By Bria Johnson

By Bria Johnson

By Jacquline Steward

By Courtney Coleman
By Hyeisha Kirkland
By Hunter Duplessis

By Sequoia Mabry

By Jacquline Steward

By Mercedes Vonnahme

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tourist for a Day

One of my favorite field trips each year is our day downtown.  In preparation for an upcoming contest, our photographers hit the streets to capture San Antonio from a new perspective.

Attempting to capture images for contest entries in landscape, cityscape, nature, water, portraiture, and more, these high schoolers hit the ground running (and climbing, and crawling) to get the best our city has to offer.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living the Wild Life

It's not the first time I've started a conversation with a principal with. . .

"This may sound a little odd, but trust me, it's going to be really amazing!"

And thanks to more than one trusting administrator, I've been able to do some really cool things with photography students over the last few years.  This year's second studio project was no exception.

Enter Perseus.  Our almost four foot corn snake . . . who gives cold blooded reptiles a good name.
And Nette.  One of my photo phenoms  . . . who stepped to the other side of the camera
And Areli.  My 3rd period senior yearbook editor . . . who could probably go model for Vogue.

I'm not sure who had a better time - Perseus, Nette, Areli, or my students . . . but the results were absolutely stunning!

So, thanks, Ms. Clayton, for supporting my most recent creative (it sounds so much better than crazy) adventure!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Another Pretty Face

We had the opportunity to start out our year with a fun studio model shoot.  Thanks to Denee Hanna, who transformed herself into 'Woodland Sprite meets Lady Gaga', students got to experiment with depth of field, studio lighting, and posing techniques.  It was a high bar to set in the beginning of the year, but they totally exceeded expectations and came up with amazing shots like these. 

In the Beginning

Welcome to Cole High School on Joint Base Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.  


Join us on a journey through the inaugural year of the photography program at Cole.  
Marvel at the projects and photographs of our up-and-coming photographers.  
Enjoy the world through the eyes of our future.